Hi! I was just wondering: what does Perrier Jablonski actually do?

Haha... we wonder the same thing 😆

But seriously. Our job is to help companies prepare for three major challenges:

1- The way everything is accelerating

2- The widening gap between “what’s possible” and what they do

3- Employee engagement

Uh... I don’t really get it.

OK. Basically, we help our clients think and understand.


We have three founding principles:

1- We don’t know anything. That means we need to do research, dig deep and analyze. Using every tool ethnography can provide (ZMET®, Photovoice, interviews, field observations, netnography, etc.), we root out the hidden truths in consumers’ lives… or in your organization.

2- We don’t fly solo. We work with you and your team. Not only is that more efficient (since you know your field better than we do), it also gets your team more invested in the project.

3- We provide clear deliverables. We test them on our parents. 😁 Why? Because a good recommendation doc should be understandable by anyone.

OK... that’s better. So you’re a ad agency?

No. We don’t do any creation or production. Our job is to help with your reflection process, guide you, and even supervise your agency if needed. But we’ll never replace it.

Kind of like consultants?

That’s not exactly right either. Consultants do all the work for you. Not us! We believe in role sharing and collaboration. It’s the only way to come up with strategies that are genuinely brave, yet realistic.

Soooo in practical terms...

Concretely, here’s everything we can do:

- Strategic planning: to imagine what needs to be done to prepare for the future and identify the necessary steps.

- Innovation: to rethink a product or a brand based on people’s actual needs.

- Marketing plan: to translate your strategic decisions into concrete marketing moves.

Is that all you do?

- Design thinking: to think and create in a methodical and structured way.

- Innovation lab: to foster the right environment for a culture of innovation in your organization.

- Ethnography: to understand your customers’ habits and needs.

Is that it?

- Training workshops / conferences: to help your team grow using credible and memorable content.

- Pitch preparation: to help you tell a strong story and build compelling content.

- Planning retreats/off-site meetings: to take a step back so you can think, co-create and innovate with your team.

… is THAT it?

We also do team building, but through skill-building exercises and group reflection.

Are you done yet?

Yes, that’s all of it... 🤓

Jeez. How many people do you have working at Perrier Jablonski???
We’re a team of nine people, but we work really hard 😇... We founded the company four years ago and have already conducted 122 workshops, given 101 conferences and supported 8453 people.
That’s pretty specific...

Yes, thanks to Olga (an AI that automates our processes) recording all the work we do. 🤓Timesheets, reference material research, content sharing, etc.; most of our processes are automated. That leaves us more time for the thinking part... 😎

Are you serious?!


Woww. Who are your clients?

We have all kinds. Small clients, large clients, SMEs, municipalities, multinationals, government corporations, start-ups… We love everyone! 💛💛💛💛💛

That’s a lot of 💛...

You got that right! It’s because we’ve worked with Montréal en lumière, the Just For Laughs Festival, Radio-Canada, UNI, Danone, Moët Hennessy, GURU, OACIQ, Ubisoft, Marriott, Camso, the CEPSUM, HEC Montréal, Lise Watier, Loto-Québec, South Shore, Desjardins, La Coop fédérée, Hydro-Québec, ADVISO, Cossette, K72, &Co, Omnicom Media Group, TECHNOCompétences, TechnoMontréal, Ville de Montréal, Ville de Québec, Ville de Mégantic, Ville de Laval, Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu...

Wow. Impressive!

Yeah, but we wouldn’t mind adding your name to that list... 😜

Gotta admit it’s pretty tempting...
How can I contact you?

We’re headquartered at 4316, St-Laurent Blvd. in Montréal...

but we work wherever we’re needed! Whether it’s in Québec or Caraquet, Magog, Laval, Ste-Croix... ❤️🚙🚃🚲

Still, the best first step is to contact us to talk about everything we can do together:

438 920 3982


I’ll be in touch soon!
But I was wondering about something...


Is this really your website?

Uh, yes?

It doesn’t even have a logo!

Oops. Here you go!

Hmm 🤔
One more question...

Sure, go ahead!

What does “Perrier Jablonski” mean?

We can’t tell you. 😐


Really 🙁


Yes, seriously 😔


Juuuust kidding! 🤣

Fine: here’s why we’re called Perrier Jablonski...